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Testimonials in Pomona, California

"I never liked going to the dentist and its been years since I had my retainer removed from junior high. It was that time for me to pull my wisdom teeth and I was terrified. I was referred to Dr. James Lee and luckily he has two dental offices, which makes it convenient for me. I stopped by his Pomona office and he was so awesome and he really took care of me. I can honestly say it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be. I told all my friends and family about Dr. Lee."

"I move around a lot and I have gone through my fair share of dentists in my time on this earth. My last dentist sold his practice quite unexpectedly and moved to a small community in the Sierras (lucky him). Having met Dr. Lee through a mutual friend I decided to give him a shot (pardon the pun); that was almost ten years ago.
There aren't enough good adjectives to to describe the quality of care and level of professionalism that Dr. Lee and his assistant, Sylvia, give to a new patient. Being the son of a doctor I can tell you I rate a dentist's skill by his use of a needle. Dr. Lee has perfected that skill. I felt absolutely NOTHING when he stuck me before doing a crown.
I can't say enough about Dr. Lee and I heartily recommend him to my friends and customers in the area, I hope you like him too !!"

"I went to Dr Lee approx 7 years ago on a Emergency visit (late in the day) because he said he would wait for me until I got there. I was in bad pain and hadn't seen a dentist in years! I was petrified of dentist before Dr Lee ; my mouth was a mess! I have been going Dr. Lee's office ever since and I've had my wisdoms pulled, a bridge put it, had my teeth straightened and now I have perfect teeth!! It's beed almost five years since my last cosmetic visit and my teeth are still perfect. I do keep my regular cleaning appointments and never have any problems. Thanks doc"

"It was my first time going to this office. Dr. Lee and his staff are very friendly. They took their time to answer and explain any questions that I had. I had my teeth cleaning and an old filling redone during my visit. Dr. Lee even took the time to show me a before and after picture of the filling he had redone for me. I did not feel rushed one bit. He is very patient and knowledgeable. He has two offices (La Crescenta and Pomona). I will be going back for future check ups."